The red and yellow Madrid, in Spain 💃🏻🇪🇸

Hola, mister(s) and sister(s)! 

It’s February and I have already failed one of my five New Year’s Eve resolutions… Go me! 🙍🏻 The bright side of the story is that I have been planning two of my next posts. Now, we are talking, right? 🤔

Madrid and the warm weather of Easter are just sweet combinations!

When you want to travel, there is something you can’t skip or avoid: planning. I’m not a planner, as you might have noticed with my previous failure, but this step is crucial. And as essential as it is, we planned to visit: Plaza Mayor, Prado Museum, Buen Retiro Park, Reina Sofia Museum, Puertas del Sol, Debod Temple, San Anton marketplace and some churches.



💸First tips first!💰

The culture here is expensive, but there is such an easy peasy way to turn it to cheap… From Monday to Sunday between 6pm to 8pm, the entrance is free! Most of the museums work according to this method which reduces the price from 15€ to 0€. Don’t tell to your friends, otherwise, the queue is bigger. hehehe 😈



The Madrid’s Royal Palace is home to the Kings of Spain from Charles III to Alfonso XIII. Nowadays, it is no longer the royal family’s home, even though it continues to be their official residence.

The palace was inspired in the sketches made by Bernini for the construction of the Louvre in Paris. Apparently, the decoration of the palace’s rooms and their layout has gradually changed over the years as the building has been adapted to suit the needs of its residents. 👑 Very chic! 💁🏻


🏃🏿On foot, we go…🏃🏻

What I adored the most was the streets of Madrid, to be honest! The city center is so typical, always with some paintings of “sevillanas” and full of colors that contrast with the people that are passing by. It’s like the buildings stopped in time, but people moved on. In contrast, when you get closer to the suburbs, you start to have a fresh and modern vibe where you can admire street art and marketplaces.








Spanish people are super duper religious – especially when you visit it during Easter holidays. From all the churches I had a sneak peek or entered in to gaze it, I highlight Debod Temple and San Antonio de la Florida Chapel.


Debod Temple is located in the West Park and the admission is free. It is an authentic Egyptian temple built in the 2nd century BC, at the village of Debod, that was rebuilt in Madrid. The fact that is located in a higher place is a win-win, where you are able to enjoy the park while you visit a viewpoint and a temple… all in one!

This little cutie was a revelation. I looked at San Antonio de la Florida Chapel and thought it was such a homely church, but right after I stepped in and looked up – Oh my! I definitely have a thing with ceilings!  Despite the building itself being one of the best examples of Madrid’s Neo-Classic style, Goya’s frescos are what make the Chapel of San Antonio a mandatory and memorable stop.




🌳 Open-air and chill 😌

Madrid and open-air areas are synonyms. They have plenty of parks to go for a walk and even the stores are not confined to one shopping.

Plaza Mayor (a.k.a. Main Square) was built during Philip III’s reign (1598–1621)  and has nine entries. For centuries, Plaza Mayor hosted popular entertainments such as bullfights, beatifications, and coronations.


El Retiro park is known as the green oasis because it has 125 hectares and is home to over 15,000 trees. The park offers cultural, leisure, and sports activities. Shout-out to the beautiful Glass Palace! This romantic pavilion is one of the main examples of cast-iron architecture in Spain.




About the food, I will wait for your comments and I’ll abstain mine… See you next time?




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